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FORTA® fiber feeders streamline and automate the fiber addition process for a variety of applications. By eliminating human error, improving job-site safety, and increasing accuracy, FORTA’s fiber feeder systems can save time and money.
Together, we’re stronger.™
Forta Voyager
The Voyager bulk fiber dispenser applies to virtually any application and is unmatched in performance, reliability and accuracy.
For Concrete   For Asphalt
Together, we’re stronger.™
Forta Ranger
The Ranger is an ideal solution for adding pre-chopped fiber to slurry seal and micro surfacing applications. Increase safety, efficiency, reliability and save money too!
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Together, we’re stronger.™
Forta Rover
The Rover is a versatile fiber feeder designed for mounting directly on all volumetric concrete trucks.
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Together, we’re stronger.™
Forta Big Shot®
The Big Shot® quickly and safely moves synthetic fibers from ground-level storage to upper-level batching systems or trucks.
For Concrete   For Asphalt

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